During the 2012 session of the New York State Senate, Senator Joe Robach of Rochester has supported the New Jobs-New York Plan.  Through the support of this legislative agenda, Joe Robach is working to create new jobs across New York State and here in Rochester.  This agenda is a comprehensive plan to help create thousands of new jobs.  Not only is this a jobs plan, but also an economic reform agenda that will positively impact the Middle Class.  Many of these jobs would be the result of increased development of highways, bridges and major construction projects across the state.  Job training would also be provided for young New Yorkers who will soon be joining a work force that Joe Robach hopes to see expanding.  To help ease the burden on the middle class here in Rochester and across New York State, Joe Robach supported cutting the middle class tax rate to its lowest rate in fifty eight years, which effectively cut the tax for over four million hard working middle class taxpayers.  Also, by cutting the payroll tax, this economic reform agenda would save $250 million for more than 290,000 local New York small businesses.  This, along with other measures, would be a twenty percent reduction for small businesses.

This economic agenda addresses ways that New York State can positively ensure future economic stability.  Joe Robach supports curbing unfunded mandates that cause havoc on local municipalities, eating up an unacceptable amount of their budgetary allocations.  By capping state spending at two percent, New York State put a halt on growing government at a rate that is inconsistent with what can be afforded.  This idea is also furthered with a moratorium on new taxes and fees.  Joe Robach understands that New York State is on the cusp of returning to greatness, and to finally reach summit the hard working men and women of this state need what is truly important to them, jobs.